Michael Jackson the Greatest Entertainer of All Time

A Title He Alone Deserves

Although at the time of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath the world was captivated by Michael Jackson’s scandals, Michael Jackson's greatness was also undeniable. In spite of Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, in which the world watched Michael go from an African-African teenager with an Afro to a man with a straight, long wig, light skin, and numerous, botched plastic surgeries, his talent remained great. The Michael Jackson entertainer persona never died, in spite of his personal eccentricities and bizarre behaviors. Michael Jackson cemented his reputation as a great entertainer from the time he was just a child, performing with the Jackson 5. Rolling Stone Magazine called little Michael a “prodigy” who possessed “overwhelming musical gifts,” which foreshadowed the fact that one day he would be known as Michael Jackson world's greatest entertainer. 

As Michael Jackson got older and left the Jackson 5 in order to pursue a solo career, he really paved the way as the world’s greatest entertainer. 

Michael’s music videos helped him earn the title Michael Jackson world's greatest entertainer. The choreography in his Thriller music video has become a global legend, with imitations even being made as far as a prison in the Philippines! In addition, the Thriller music video helped pave the way for other African-American artists; MTV began playing many more racially diverse videos after Thriller hit the scene due to the influence of Michael Jackson. The music video for Bad, directed by Martin Scorcese, was also highly influential. At nineteen minutes, it featured Wesley Snipes, and was highly sexualized and violent. It showed Michael grabbing his crotch and chest, which would become his signature moves in the future, and were part of the notion of Michael Jackson's greatness; he had highly specialized dance moves.

Michael Jackson's greatness is evident in the way that he has influenced so many of today’s entertainers. In 1984, Michael was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a sign of his greatness as an entertainer. He has 13 Grammy Awards, 13 number singles, and has sold around 500 million records in his lifetime! Therefore, it seems safe to say that Michael Jackson alone deserves the title of the greatest entertainer of all time.