Michael Jacksons Brothers and Sisters

It’s a Family Affair

Michael Jackson and his family were originally from Gary, Indiana. Michael Jackson and his brothers and sisters were the children of Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson. The Jackson family had nine children in all; Michael and his brothers were art of the Jackson Five group. Michael and his brothers Jackie, Tito, and Marlon all comprised the Jackson Five, nicknamed “The First Family of Soul,” one of the most family musical groups in the 70s. However, despite their musical and commercial success, Michael Jackson and his brothers had a hard time at home, something the public did not learn until long after the fact. In Martin Bashir’s famous documentary about Michael Jackson, Michael described the abuse Michael and his brothers and sisters suffered at the hands of their father, Joe Jackson. Michael described how Joe would beat them with a belt and with his bare hands if Michael and his brothers did not sing well enough or if they did not perform their dances correctly. Michael also described how his father insulted him about the way he looked; Michael said that he lived in constant fear of his father.

Michael and his family had a very difficult life at home, yet managed to acieve success nonetheless.

The Jackson family has continued to grow as Michael Jackson and his brothers and sisters have all had children of their own. Michael Jackson had three children: Prince Michael II and Paris with his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, and Blanket, with an unspecified woman. Rebbie Jackson married Nathaniel Brown and had three children; Tito has at least four children, and Jermaine has many children. Thus, Michael Jackson and his family now have many heirs to carry on the Jackson legacy. Only time will tell, of course, whether the next generation of Jacksons will be performers like Michael Jackson and his brothers and sisters.

Amazingly, all nine of the Jackson siblings became successful musicians. Eight of the nine Jacksons, excluding La Toya have gold records, which is an amazing accomplishment for Michael and his brothers and sisters. For this reason, the Jacksons are sometimes referred to as “The Royal Family of Pop.”