Jackie Jackson

Early Influence

Jackie Jackson was born on May 4, 1951, and was the son of Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson. Jackie Jackson was the brother of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and was the second child in the Jackson family, as well as the oldest male child in the family. His given name is actually Sigmund Esco, but he was given the name Jackie by some of his relatives. Originally, Jackie Jackson did not want to be a performer; he wanted to be a professional baseball player. However, Joe Jackson had an enormous influence on his family, and as a result, Jackie Jackson became a part of the Jackson Five in 1966 with brothers Tito and Jermaine before Michael and Marlon joined a few years later. Jackie’s role in the Jackson Five was as the high tenor, opposite Michael as lead singer. Like many of Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters, Jackie Jackson chose to record a solo album. Yet, also like Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters, the album was only moderately successful. The album, titled Jackie Jackson, did not reach a large audience and was not marketed heavily.

After his first solo album, Jackie Jackson released one more solo album Be The One, trying to be as successful as his brother Michael.

In 1975, Jackie Jackson and the Jackson Five began to change. First, the Jackson Five changed their name to The Jacksons when they switched record labels from Motown to CBS, because they felt that Motown was not giving them enough creative control. In addition, Jermaine Jackson left the group and Randy Jackson filled in, creating tension within the Jackson family. Jackie Jackson began singing with a deeper, more soulful voice during this time period. The Jacksons released the album Destiny in 1978, which was successful.

Jackie Jackson currently lives in California. He owns his own record label, Jesco. Jackie Jackon’s son, Siggy is signed to record label, as is rapper Mike Street. Jackie was married to Enid Spann at the age of 23, and they were divorced in 1987. In addition to son Siggy, Jackie Jackson has a daughter, Brandi, who is adopted.