Marlon Jackson

The Business Man

Marlon Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on March 12, 1975 to Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson. Marlon Jackson is the sixth child in the Jackson family, and is a former member of the Jackson Five. Marlon Jackson and Michael Jackson were the last two brothers to join the Jackson Five, and both initially joined the group as percussionists. Some reports say that Joe Jackson almost kicked Marlon Jackson out of the group because he sang off-key, was not as good a dancer as other members of the Jackson family, and was not as talented as Michael. However, once the Jackson Five became commercially successful, Marlon Jackson became known as one of the best dancers in the Jackson Five, showing how tough a critic Joe Jackson could be with Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters. Marlon Jackson generally sang back-up, but sometimes he sang lead parts, too. For example, Marlon sang a co-lead passage in the songs, “I’ll Be There,” “Corner of the Sky” and “Feelin Alright.” When the Jackson Five had a dispute with Motown Records, Jermaine Jackson left the group.

After Jermaine left the Jackson Five, Randy Jackson replaced him and Marlon Jackson began singing more lead roles.

When singing older tracks, Marlon Jackson began singing more leads after Randy Jackson replaced Jermaine Jackson. Marlon Jackson had an especially large solo part in Give It Up on the Triumph album, playing a second tenor. However, the Jackson Five collapsed in the mid 1980s, when, first, Michael announced that he was leaving the group to go solo, and then Marlon Jackson said that he was quitting, as well. In 1990, the Jacksons officially confirmed their breakup.

Marlon Jackson released a solo album, Baby Tonight, in 1987, but it was only moderately successful. However, he did successfully produce songs and albums for his sisters Janet Jackson and Rebbie Jackson. Marlon Jackson ultimately gave up music, however, becoming a real estate agent in Southern California. Later, he became a part-owner of the Black Family Channel, a cable TV network designed to bring family-friendly programming to an African American audience.