Randy Jackson

Not That Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson was born on October 29, 1961 to Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson. Like the rest of Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters, Randy Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, but was raised in Los Angeles, California, to be a part of the family entertainment business. In addition, like all of Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters, Randy Jackson was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness under the influence of his mother, Katherine Jackson. Randy Jackson was the second youngest member of the Jackson family, and the youngest of all of the Jackson brothers. For that reason, Randy Jackson was nicknamed “Little Randy” as a child. When the Jackson 5 was formed with members of the Jackson family, including Michael Jackson, Randy Jackson was only four years old, and therefore he was not one of the original members of the Jackson Five. Nonetheless, while his older brothers toured the world as a part of the Jackson Five, Randy honed his piano and musical skills, foreshadowing what was to come for him in the future.

Both Randy Jackson and Janet Jackson made many guest appearances with the Jackson Five, and eventually, Randy Jackson joined the Jackson Five.

In 1976, the Jackson Five left the record label, Motown, because they felt their creative freedom was limited, and signed with Epic Records, changing their name to The Jacksons. At that time, Jermaine Jackson quit the group and Randy Jackson replaced him. Randy Jackson co-wrote the song Shake Your Body Down to the Ground, which was a successful song. He wrote the song when he was just sixteen. In addition, he was a talented instrumentalist, playing the percussion, piano, bass, and guitar, among other instruments.

In 1990, Randy Jackson formed his own band, Randy and the Gypsys. The band released one album, but then broke up. In 1998, Randy Jackson formed his own record label, Modern Records. Apparently Randy Jackson is currently in financial trouble, like Michael was before his death, according to the New York Post. Randy Jackson married Eliza Shaffe in 1989, but divorced Eliza in 1991. Randy has one daughter, an aspiring actress and singer who appeared on Zoey 101.