Michael Jacksons Changing Appearance

Michael Keeps Em Guessing and Talking

Michael Jackson's changing appearance was a source of constant intrigue for both the media and the public over the years, who watched Michael Jackson's appearance undergo a drastic transformation. From the time of Michael Jackson’s solo career and Thriller to to Michael’s death, he looked like two completely different people. Who could have predicted that the African-American boy in the Jackson Five would look like the same Michael Jackson around the time of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath of his death? Michael altered almost all aspects of Michael's appearance, from his skin color to his face. Michael's changing appearance baffled people at first, as they watched his transformation. For others, they wondered whether he was trying to shed his racial identity. Michael Jackson's appearance went from looking African-American to almost completely Caucasian as his skin color completely changed. Michael said that this was because of his severe skin condition, vitiligo, which made his skin lighter. However, people naturally wondered whether Michael Jackson's changing appearance, and in particular, his changing skin color, was the result of a desire to want to appear “whiter.” Michael denied these accusations.

In fact, Michael Jackson denied having had any plastic surgery at all in an interview with Martin Bashir; apparently, Michael's changing appearance was due to natural factors (according to Michael, that is).

Yet it seems almost impossible for Michael Jackson's appearance to be unaffected by cosmetic surgery, especially by the time of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath. Of all of Michael Jackson’s scandals, Michael's changing appearance was pretty high up there for its notoriety and press coverage. Over time, people watched as Michael’s nose got thinner and thinner, and it also became more and more pointed. At one point, there were rumors that Michael’s nose had even totally collapsed. Michael’s cheeks became more defined, his chin developed a mysterious cleft, and his eyebrows even looked like they had been drawn on.

Overall, Michael Jackson's changing appearance baffled and mystified the public, who wondered what motivated Michael to alter his appearance so drastically. What sort of private demons caused Michael to constantly need to change the way he looked?