Michael Jacksons Clothes

The Trend Setter

Michael Jackson's fashion over the years have caught the public’s attention over the years almost as much as Michael Jackson’s scandals, which include Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, his bizarre behavior, and his drug abuse allegations in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath of his death. Michael's clothes were legendary; Michael loved fashion and dressing up. Michael Jackson's clothes often pushed the limit of acceptable fashion, yet Michael did not care. From his military jackets to his trademark single glove, Michael Jackson's clothes are often imitated and have spawned many impersonators, especially now, in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath. When most people think of Michael's fashion, they think of Michael during the Thriller era. During the 80s, Michael Jackson typically wore his signature red leather jacket with zippered details, a single white sequined glove, jerry curls, and tight fitting parachute pants. This unusual style epitomized Michael Jackson's fashion sense, and has come back into fashion with Michael’s death. In addition, Michael Jackson often wore aviator sunglasses that were highly mirrored.

In the 90s, Michael's clothes took a different turn, and Michael Jackson's fashion became less costumey and more sleek and sophisticated.

In the 90s, Michael Jackson's fashion was a mixture of his wacky, bizarre stage outfits and his sleek, sophisticated, tailored suits. Michael Jackson liked to look put together, and he was rarely caught up in the current trends of the day. Michael Jackson's clothes were always based on his individual tastes rather than what was going on in the external fashion world; Michael was rarely seen hobnobbing with fashion designers or sitting in the front rows of fashion shows.

Some of Michael's fashion trademarks were his military-inspired jackets, his trademark armbands, and, of course, the glove. He wore many jackets with brass detailing in the military style. As Michael’s behavior gotten increasingly bizarre and the allegations of Michael’s drug abuse became more pronounced, Michael's clothes also became more strange and sloppy. Michael was seen in pajamas and his fashion was very poorly put together, which was perhaps a sign that Michael Jackson was beginning to fall apart.