Michael Jacksons Cosmetic Surgery

What He Did and When

Michael Jackson had so many cosmetic surgeries throughout the course of his life that he looked nearly nothing like the child from the Jackson 5 by the time of Michael Jackson’s Death and the aftermath. Michael first began experimenting with cosmetic surgery during the Thriller era, when he had his nose thinned and his eyebrows shaped, as is commonly believed. Many people believed that he did this because he was trying to look more white. In fact, much of Michael Jackson’s changing appearance was attributed to criticism laid out by Michael’s father, Joe. Michael said that his father told him he was ugly and had a big nose, so it is highly likely that these insults are deeply tied to Michael Jackson's history of cosmetic surgery. In 1985, at age 27, Michael Jackson had more cosmetic surgery; he had another nose job and had permanent eyeliner tattooed around his eyes. Some people even speculated that Michael's cosmetic surgery included tattooing lipstick.

In the late 80s, Michael Jackson’s scandals related to Michael Jackson's cosmetic surgery gave him constant , mainly negative, media attention.

In his late 20s and early 30s, Michael Jackson's cosmetic surgery really began to appear strange to people. It seemed that Michael had had his cheek bones enhanced and his skin dyed from black to white. However, Michael Jackson repeatedly denied having had any cosmetic surgery at all. According to him, Michael Jackson’s changing appearance is entirely due to vitiligo, a skin condition he was born with, and aging, though few actually believe that. Over time, Jackson’s appearance became increasingly stranger and stranger. His skin became lighter, he developed a cleft in his chin, and it seemed like he had a botched nose job in which Michael’s nostrils all but disappeared.

Around the time of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath, Jackson looked very odd due to Michael's cosmetic surgery. His jawline looked longer, he looked like he had new cheeks, and his eyes were pulled extremely tight. It also looked like Michael had a fake nose prosthesis. In short, over the years, Michael Jackson had too many cosmetic surgeries to keep track of.