Michael Jacksons Hair

From Afro to On Fire

Michael Jackson’s changing appearance was more evident with regards to his hair than any other body part. Michael's hair and its changing appearance caused constant media speculation, with some critics even guessing that Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath could be traced back to a freak accident during the filming of a Pepsi commercial that resulted in Michael having a large bald spot. The first of Michael's hair styles was seen with the emergence of the Jackson 5, and was a large Afro. However, in 1984, Michael Jackson was involved in a freak accident while filming a commercial for Pepsi, which many people believe began the cycle of his constantly changing hair styles. During filming, stage pyrotechnics went off earlier than planned, and Michael Jackson suffered second and third degree burns on his head and face. As a result of this painful accident, Michael Jackson's hair never fully grew back again. He tried having many different types of corrective surgeries, but apparently, nothing worked, not even laser treatments. Experts speculate that his hair follicles were too damaged to grow back.

It could be said that this tragic accident was tied to many of Michael Jackson’s Scandals, as it led him to wear wigs and use hair implants that many said were increasingly further away from his original African-American identity.

After the Pepsi fire, Michael Jackson's hair styles became increasingly straighter and longer than his Jackson 5 Afro. Michael sewed long, soft, straight hair extensions into what little was left into his own hair. He clearly would not have wanted to go bald. Critics claimed that Jackson chose Caucasian-looking hair rather than using more textured implants similar to his own, natural hair because he was ashamed of being African-American.

Over the years, Michael Jackson's hair has taken on many shapes and forms. It has been long and curly, as in the Bad era, and it has been short and part. Prior to his death, it was shoulder-length and very straight. Autopsy results revealed that under his wig, Jackson was nearly completely bald, which suggests that Jackson was wearing a wig out of necessity more than vanity.