Michael Jacksons Nose

The Real Story

Michael Jackson’s scandals captured the world’s attention; from his child molestation accusations to his bizarre behavior to his paternity scandals, the world watched in fascination as Michael Jackson lived his life in the public eye. One of the things the public was perhaps most fascinated by, however, was Michael Jackson’s changing appearance. When Michael was a teenager in the Jackson Five to the time around Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath, he looked like two completely different people. From his hair style to his skin color to his chin, Michael completely transformed his appearance during his lifetime. One of the biggest examples of this was Michael Jackson's nose; Michael Jackson's changing nose fascinated the public, who watched Michael's nose get smaller and smaller, until it looked so bizarre that people started saying that he had had a botched nose job by a terrible plastic surgeon. Curiously, in Michael Jackson’s interviews with Martin Bashir, Michael denies having had plastic surgery, but this seems basically impossible.

Ultimately, looking at pictures of Michael's changing nose over the years proves the extent of Michael Jackson’s changing appearance and proves just how many cosmetic surgeries he must have had.

Michael Jackson’s interviews with Martin Bashir in Bashir’s documentary reveal potential reasons for Michael Jackson's changing nose. In Michael and Martin’s conversations, Michael talks about his relationship with his father, Joe Jackson, and how much he feared his father. He discuses how his father used to beat his sons with a belt if their singing and dancing was off. In addition, Joe Jackson used to tease Michael Jackson about Michael Jackson’s changing appearance as Michael went through puberty, telling Michael he was ugly. Joe made fun of Michael's nose, saying that it was too large.

Perhaps this is why throughout Michael’s life, Michael Jackson sought to make his nose smaller and smaller, to the point where his nostrils were almost invisible. His nose became pointed and sharp, with a pointy tip. At one point, it was rumored that Michael Jackson's nose had even collapsed, and had to be recreated. One must feel sorry for Michael Jackson, who could never simply be happy with the way he looked.