Michael Jacksons Death and The Aftermath

Gone But Not Forgotten

Michael Jackson's death was covered by the media non-stop; during the time period surrounding the Michael Jackson's death, it seemed almost like there were no other news events taking place, as Michael Jackson's death was the only thing being written about in newspapers, being talked about on TV, and being covered on blogs. In fact, some people even said that there was far too much covereage about Michael Jackson's death aftermath. Nonetheless, it seemed that people were fascinated by Michael Jackson’s final years and by Michael Jackson’s scandals, as they had always been. The first reports that Michael had had a cardiac arrest came from the celebrity gossip blog TMZ.com. Michael Jackson's death was made official when Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at 2:26 PM in Los Angeles at the UCLA Medical Center. The news spread so quickly online that both Wikipedia and Twitter reported a crash from people searching for news about the Michael Jackson death. AOL Instant Messenger also crashed for about 40 minutes around that time, proving the intrigue surrounding Michael Jackson's death.

Michael Jackson's death aftermath continued far beyond the afternoon of his death, with media coverage continuing endlessly.

Almost immediately after Michael Jackson's death, MTV and Black Entertainment Television (BET) both aired marathons showing music videos from Michael Jackson. All of the major news network stations devoted major air time to discussing Michael Jackson's death, including speculating how he had died and discussing all of Michael Jackson’s scandals, Michael Jackson’s final years, and Michael Jackson’s music. The question of how Michael died became a major issue that still remains somewhat unresolved, though it seems that Michael had a serious drug dependency. Michael Jackson after his death received a huge amount of publicity.

In fact, some people were upset at how much coverage Michael Jackson's death received. A study by the Pew research center found that two out of three Americans thought that Michael Jackson was receiving too much media coverage. Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, conservative media pundits, also made public comments that it was crazy to be devoting so much time to commemorating Michael Jackson.