After Michael Jacksons Death What is Next

All of the Financial and Legal Maneuvering

Michael Jackson’s death set off a wave of uncertainty, legal battles, and financial issues, many of which are still being decided to this day. First, there is the Michael Jackson custody battle. Who will be in charge of Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince Michael III, Paris, and Blanket? Though Debbie Rowe is the mother of two of Michael’s children, she gave up custody rights to them, in one of Michael Jackson’s scandals. Despite Michael Jacksons’ changing appearance, Michael’s children barely resemble Michael, causing many people to claim that his children are not even related to him at all. For now, it seems that Michael’s mother, Katherine, will win the Michael Jackson custody battle and take care of the Michael Jackson heirs, his children. In addition, there is the question of what will happen to Michael Jackson's money. That is, if there is any money left; it seems that much of the Michael Jackson money had been lost in the past decade, as Michael Jackson lost control of his spending habits, took out loans, and got himself into deeper and deeper debt. Thus far, it seems unclear just who will get the money.

In addition to the custodial and financial heritage questions, there are the questions regarding Michael’s entertainment legacy.

It seems that very much money will be made from Michael Jackson’s legacy by promoting his image post-mortem. For example, there will be a Michael Jackson movie; Michael Jackson and the This Is It Concert Movie is expected to bring in very much money to the Michael Jackson estate; it will show Michael preparing for the concert in the weeks leading up to his death and will contain footage that has never been seen before of Michael rehearsing, singing, and dancing in preparation for his big comeback show in London.

In addition, a Michael Jackson memorial tour is being planned, in which celebrities and dancers will pay tribute to Michael Jackson’s songs and dancing on stage; the concert is also expected to be a huge success and to bring in much money. In addition, Michael Jackson’s new album may be released in the future, containing some new songs.