Michael Jackson and the This is It Concert Movie

Sony’s $60 Million Gamble

A Michael Jackson movie is going to be released this fall that will show Michael Jackson preparing for his This Is It comeback concert. The Michael Jackson This Is It movie is going to be released on October 28, and it is expected to be extremely successful based on the unprecedented number of people who turned in to the news to hear the latest breaking news about Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath. The Michael Jackson concert movie will have a two-week limited engagement showing in theaters, and then will be released to video. Not that much is known about the specific content of the Michael Jackson movie, although it is known that the film will be about Michael Jackson’s preparations for his final comeback This Is It tour. The movie will also touch upon Michael Jackson’s scandals and perhaps Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, as Michael had appeared quite frail in his last few weeks before his death.

The Sony Michael Jackson movie cost Sony a reported $60 million for the rights to produce, signaling their belief in the Michael Jackson This Is It movie’s potential for success.

Kenny Ortega, who was in charge of the This Is It concert series, said in a statement that the Michael Jackson concert movie was a gift from Michael Jackson to his fans. Ortega said that the Michael Jackson This Is It movie captures “something extraordinary, unique, and very special.” The This Is It concerts were schedule to begin in July of 2009 and would go through March of 2010; there would be 50 concerts in total.

The Michael Jackson movie contains more than 100 hours of footage taken during rehearsals for the This Is It concerts from April to June of 2009. The footage also includes the final rehearsals that occurred right before Michael’s death. Tickets for the movie will go on sale in most cities starting on September 27, which is another sign that Sony expects sales to be extraordinarily high. It is interesting that Sony bought the rights to the Michael Jackson movie, because one of Michael Jackson’s scandals was his public break with Sony and Tommy Mottola in the 90s.