Michael Jacksons Death His Will and Child Custody

Who Will Raise the Children

Michael Jackson's will was a source of much gossip and speculation after Michael Jackson died. As would be expected, the issue of Michael Jackson's will became yet another of Michael Jackson’s scandals. Everyone wondered where his money would go, especially because of Michael’s tumultuous family history, in which he reportedly had a terrible relationship with his father, had bizarre marital relationships, and became increasingly isolated in later life. After Michael Jackson’s death the money matters were handled by Michael’s attorney. All of Michael’s assets were placed in the Michael Jackson Family Trust, and it has been reported that Michael specified that 20% of his funds go to charity in his will. However, the details of Michael Jackson's will have not yet been made public, and it is not clear how much will go to Michael Jackson's children. In addition, because of Michael Jackson’s financial problems, Michael may not have had much money left to give by the end of his life, anyway.

Another major question after Michael’s death was Michael Jackson's children custody; what would happen to Michael Jackson and his kids?

Michael Jackson's kids custody was given to his mother, Katherine Jackson, who is said to have a wonderful relationship with Michael’s three children, Prince Michael II, Paris, and Blanket. If Katherine were unwilling or unable to care for Michael Jackson's children, then Diana Ross would care for the children. This seemed to many people an odd designation, as Diana Ross is relatively old, and it seems weird to have Diana Ross be custodian of Michael’s children rather than their mother, Debbie Rowe; nonetheless, Michael Jackson's children custody was determined by Michael. Michael Jackson's will specifically mentions that Debbie Rowe is purposely omitted, and should not be granted custody of the children. This seems to confirm that Michael and Debbie had some sort of business-like arrangement upon their marriage; perhaps Michael truly only married Debbie so that she could mother their children.

For now, however, Katherine Jackson is raising Michael Jackson's children; if and when something should happen to Katherine, the world will watch and see what happens then.