Michael Jacksons Death the Investigation

The Autopsies Toxicology Tests and More

Michael Jackson's death investigationwas watched by the world, who were very curious to see why the pop star had died such a tragic death so early, and whether his death was connected to Michael Jackson’s scandals. The Michael Jackson death investigation began when Michael Jackson’s body was flown by helicopter from the UCLA medical office to the coroner’s office. On June 26, an autopsy was done to figure out exactly why Michael had died and to establish the precise connection between Michael Jackson’s death the drugs and the frailty he had been showing in the last few months of his life. Friends and family had reported that Michael Jackson had a drug problem for perhaps decades, and that he was taking heavy duty prescription drugs almost every day, requiring more and more drugs in order to go to sleep every day. The preliminary autopsy results showed no results of foul play, but did show conclusive evidence of a Michael Jackson drug overdose. The official cause of death was listed as ‘acute propofol intoxication.’

At the end of August, however, Michael Jackson's drug overdose became more scandalous when the LA coroner’s office classified his death as a homicide, implicating Michael’s doctor in his death.

Michael Jackson's death investigation in the months following his death was very detailed and comprehensive, as it seemed very unclear why Michael Jackson died so young. As fans flocked to learn more about Michael Jackson and Neverland Ranch, investigators, police, and health professionals spoke with Michael’s doctors, family, and business managers in order to learn more about his death. Even the Drug Enforcement Agency got involved to learn more about the Michael Jackson drug overdose. Right after Michael Jackson's drug overdose, the LAPD had not secured Michael Jackson’s home properly, so there were worries that family members or other people had illegally removed things from his house, obscuring Michael Jackson's death investigation.

In the end, many mysteries still remain surrounding the Michael Jackson death investigation, but it seems that as time goes on, things will only get more clear, and those who know the truth will come out with it.