Michael Jacksons Death the Money

Worth More Dead than Alive

After Michael Jackson’s death, the question of the value of Michael Jackson's estate was a major one; who would receive his money? The bigger question was whether he even had any money left. For many years, the public had heard rumors that Michael Jackson's money had been rapidly dissipating; Michael had left his record label, Sony, and one of Michael Jackson’s scandals had been the foreclosure of his home, Neverland. In addition, Michael’s extreme spending habits meant that he owed millions of dollars in debt. When Martin Bashir’s documentary about Michael aired in the beginning of the 21st century, the public watched the way that Michael Jackson money disappeared into thin air as Michael walked into a mall and nearly bought out a furniture store, lavishly decorating Neverland with gaudy, expensive furniture fit for a king. In addition, Michael Jackson had held auctions in the last years of his life with Michael Jackson memorabilia in order to raise money; all of these things hinted to the public that the Michael Jackson estate was perhaps not as large as thought, and that maybe Michael Jackson’s legacy and influence would be his music, not his money.

Michael Jackson's money after his death was suggested to actually be relatively stable, lasting many years.

After Michael Jackson died, the Associated Press reported that the Michael Jackson estate is greater than two hundred million dollars. All of Michael’s assets were given to the Michael Jackson Family Trust. However, the exact details of what will happen with Michael Jackson's money are still very unclear, and have not really been made public yet. Nonetheless, we do know that the Michael Jackson estate includes Neverland Ranch and The Beatles’ back-catalogue, which Michael purchased a long time ago. However, Michael Jackson's money includes a large amount of debt. Some reports state that Michael owes as much as $331 in debt.

It seems that Michael Jackson was trying to recoup some of his lost money right before his death with his comeback tour. Michael Jackson’s final comeback This Is It tour was maybe an attempt to grow the Michael Jackson estate, but the world will never know.