Michael Jacksons Death the Rumors and Scandal

Who or What Really Killed the King

Michael Jackson's death rumors ran rampant from the day of his death for a number of reasons: Michael Jackson’s scandals, rumors of drug abuse, the questions regarding Michael Jackson’s death his will and child custody. In addition, the fact that his death involved a criminal investigation meant that privacy and secrecy left few answers for the public; Michael Jackson's death scandal became more and more scandalous and talked about in the days and weeks immediately following his death. The blog website TMZ.com was the first news source to report that Michael Jackson had died, and the Los Angeles Times confirmed the report roughly thirty minutes after TMZ. The Michael Jackson drug rumors began swirling almost immediately after, as TV stations, gossip blogs, and newspapers sought to understand why Michael had died of a cardiac arrest. His death seemed especially odd in light of the fact that Michael had been rehearsing for his This Is It concert series just the day before, performing and dancing relatively well, said onlookers.

Yet as the story went on, the Michael Jackson drug scandal began to emerge, and the public realized that Michael had had a serious drug problem.

Michael Jackson's death rumors intensified as the media sought to find more details, interviewing Michael’s family, friends, and colleagues. They examined Michael Jackson his marriages and his children, searching for any clues as to how long he had been abusing prescription drugs and who had been giving him the drugs. The Michael Jackson drug scandal continued as police towed a car used by Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray. However, the car was returned five days later, after the police said that nothing was found in it. Nonetheless, Murray’s role in Michael Jackson's death scandal remains murky and unclear, at least from the public’s perspective.

At the end of August, there was a new development in the Michael Jackson drug scandal. The LA coroner’s office released a statement saying that Michael’s death had been a homicide due to the combination of drugs in his system at the time of his death. It seems that as time goes on, the rumors and facts will truly begin to emerge.