Michael Jacksons Death

The Mystery Deepens

When Michael Jackson died, there were many rumors swirling around speculating why he had died, but very few solid facts. However, over the days, weeks, and months surrounding the Michael Jackson death, Michael Jackson’s death the investigation made clear was the result of a tragic drug overdose. In Michael Jackson’s final years, those close to him knew he was struggling, but perhaps few knew just how badly off Michael was doing. In the wake of all of Michael Jackson’s scandals, including his child molestation trials, his ever-changing appearance, and Michael Jackson’s financial problems, it seemed that Michael Jackson had turned to drugs, leading to Michael Jackson's drug overdose. In the months before Michael Jackson's death, friends and family noted that Michael was very, very frail and underweight, looking like he was always about to collapse. Some people guessed that he had been addicted to prescription painkillers for decades, but it seemed that his addiction had become especially severe in his last few years of life.

When Michael Jackson dies on June 25, the world was shocked, but slowly, as the facts were revealed, the public learned about Michael Jackson’s secret habits.

On June 26, a three-hour autopsy was performed on Michael Jackson; the world eagerly awaited the news to see why Michael Jackson's death had occurred and whether or not foul play had been involved. After the preliminary autopsy, however, it was reported that no foul play had been involved in Michael Jackson's death. However, the mystery surrounding the Michael Jackson death deepened at the end of summer 2009 when the LA County Coroner made an announcement that Michael Jackson's death was going to be declared a homicide. This implied clearly that foul play was indeed involved, and that Michael had been hiding something form the world. What role had Michael Jackson’s doctor played? Michael died from a toxic combination of drugs in his body, which The precise details surrounding the days around Michael Jackson's death remains murky, and it seems that the world may not know exactly what happened for quite some time.