A Star is Born

From Early On a Special Talent

The musical trio of siblings known as The Jackson Brothers could not likely have predicted the success that Michael brought after introducing him into the group. With the addition of Marlon Jackson and Michael Jackson, the Jackson Brothers officially changed their name to the now recognizable Jackson 5. Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters first recognized his tremendous talent from the time he entered school. In his first year of kindergarten, Jackson performed at a school talent show and his classmates and teachers began to take notice of his immense potential. It was not until Michael joined that the Jackson 5 really began to take hold on a national scale. The Michael Jackson childhood may most are familiar with may have appeared effortlessly essential to the success of the group, but much work was actually involved in rising to the top of the game.

The Jackson Five could not have gained national appeal without help and recognition from famous influences like Gladys Knight, and Motown Record’s Berry Gordy.

At around the age of eight, Michael participated in a talent show with his older brother JackieĀ  and others at his highschool’s talent show. The charm and skill of the young singer/dancer helped the Jackson brother snag the win, and the attention of Tito Jackson’s orchestra teacher Shirley Cartman. Cartman aided the brothers in finding professional touring gigs across the Midwest at a number of black clubs and bars. Meanwhile, Joe and Katherine Jackson kept watchful eyes on the boys’ money and success, often spurring many rumors of their abuse of the boys.

After time, Cartman helped The Jackson Five get signed by Gordon Keith to his local record company, Steeltown. Their musical careers were beginning to take off and recording was scheduled to begin in October of 1967. In January of the following year, all of their work in the recording studio paid off when they released their single “Big Boy” and it became a regional smash single. Fortunate not to fade quickly from the scene, they released ‘We Don’t Have to Be Over 21 (To Fall in Love),’ which also quickly gained popularity.