Katherine Jackson

The Love of Michael’s Life

Born Kattie B. Screws in Barbour, Alabama, the woman who later became the matriarch of the famous Jackson family never could have predicted her illustrious fate. She would become mother to Michael Jackson, one of the greatest music legends of the 20th century.

After moving to Gary, Indiana at age four, Katherine formally changed her name to Katherine Scruse. After living in Gary for some time, she met Joe Jackson and married at the age of 19. During Michael Jackson’s early years, Katherine Jackson largely played a role as the costume designer and stylist for The Jackson Five. From 20 years old until 36, Katherine had 10 children with Joe Jackson, one of which unfortunately died immediately after birth. Although Katherine Jackson looked like a busy and successful mother and wife, there was actually much trouble behind the scenes of her marriage. It was reported that side from physically and verbally abusing his children, Joe Jackson also cheated on his wife on numerous occasions. Joe even had a child with another woman in 1974.

One particularly famous child of hers, Michael, grew to express his love for her the most. Michael Jackson's mother was his number one role model.

The way Michael Jackson's mom and dad raised him was reflected well in Michael’s passing. For instance, Joe Jackson received no critical mention concerning inheritance from his son, nor did he come up in the question of custody. On the other hand, it seemed as though Michael's mother was given better treatment. The issue of Michael Jackson’s death his will and child custody favored mother Katherine over all other significant figures in Michael’s life. Custody of his children was trusted entirely to his mother, with no mention of Joseph. In an interesting follow-up, singing legend Diana Ross was listed for secondary custody in the case that Katherine Jackson could not provide for his children.

Katherine Jackson was highly influential in shaping her son’s future in many ways. She was the only thing he could hold on to during the turbulence of his quick rise to stardom and the horrible acts of abuse accused of his father.