The Jacksons Their Hit Songs

The Family Still Has It

As The Jacksons were finishing their run at fame with The Victory Tour, they reignited America’s love for the soul and pop music they created. Victory was a mighty success and earned an astonishing 75 million dollars for the men who were originally the Jackson Five. From that point forward,Michael Jackson’s solo career and Thriller were making constant music headlines. Although The Jacksons had enjoyed great achievements with Michael at their forefront, the group finally got dropped from their record label. This was largely because of their 1989 album 2300 Jackson Street, which only featured brothers Michael and Marlon in the title track. After their label dropped them, the Jacksons never formally broke up, but remained dormant for many years. In the wake of their dispersion, the public began to reflect on all of the musical triumphs of the Jackson Five and later The Jacksons. The Jackson 5 had gathered appeal from much of the nation, producing a string of top 100 hits like “ABC”, “The Love You Save,” “I’ll Be There,” and “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground).”

The Jacksons even paved the way for Michael Jackson to break the musical racial barrier that existed at the time. This was done formally when MTV presented the first music video by an African-American; it was Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

In total, the Jackson Five produced around 19 albums, more than half of which produced chart topping singles, thanks to the help of the young rising star Michael Jackson. In 1970 the quintet even produced a Christmas album under their Motown label and the supervision of manager/ director Berry Gordy.