Michael Jacksons Final Years

Struggles Sadness and Death

Michael Jackson's final years were very tragic; the public perhaps did not realize just how far Michael had fallen, though, until Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath of his death. Then, countless interviews with Jackson’s family, friends, and his doctors revealed just how far Michael Jackson had fallen during his final years. First of all, during Michael's final years, he had extreme financial problems, adding to the long list of Michael Jackson’s scandals. In 2006, his much-loved Neverland Ranch was closed down. Fortress Investments threatened to foreclose on Neverland Ranch, which was a big problem for Michael, as Neverland was what he used as collateral for many of his loans. Michael Jackson was in a huge amount of debt, but it is unclear exactly how large his debt really was. In 2003, Michael’s final year, Michael auctioned off a large collection of memorabilia in collaboration with Julien’s auction house in order to make money. It is amazing how someone with such commercial success could be in so much debt, but it seems clear that Michael Jackson had problems with excessive spending.

In fact, in Martin Bashir’s documentary about Michael Jackson, the public watched as Michael Jackson spent extreme amounts of money on furniture for Neverland.

In addition to his money woes, in Michael Jackson's final years, he struggled with drug abuse, something that was revealed for the most part in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath. At the time of Michael’s death, his personal physician was at his home, but he was unable to revive Michael. The cause of death was ruled to be a homicide in August of 2009, as Michael had been found with three different types of heavy-duty painkiller medications in his body. Interviews with close friends, family, and nurses revealed that in his final years, Michael had been heavily abusing drugs and painkillers. Michael Jackson had been taking extreme doses of Demerol in order to help himself go to sleep, which was considered very dangerous. In fact, the doses he was taking were considered dosages that were only supposed to be administered in hospitals! It seemed clear that Michael Jackson was self-medicating to take away some sort of physical or emotional pain, maybe related to Michael Jackson’s changing appearance.

Ultimately, Michael Jackson's final years were characterized by tragedy and sadness, leading to his untimely death.