Michael Jackson and His Kids

Paris Prince Michael and Blanket

Michael Jackson and his kidsfascinated the world, especially in light of Michael Jackson’s scandals, some of which the Michael Jackson kids played a part of. Who can forget Michael Jackson dangling Blanket from a balcony in Berlin? Michael’s bizarre behavior fascinated the world and caused people to question his parenting skills; yet Michael loved being a parent, and it seemed he tried to be the best parent he could to Michael's kids. Michael Jackson had two children with Debbie Rowe: Paris and Prince Michael. Prince Michael was the older of Michael Jackson's kids. Michael Jackson was very concerned about the public not seeing his children’s faces, because he wanted to protect their identities and shield them from the kind of publicity that had harmed his repututation. As a result, Michael Jackson's kids were almost always seen in public with their faces covered. It is also possible that Michael Jackson was concerned that people would question his paternity, given that he did not look like Paris or Prince Michael, espeically given Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, which is why he always covered Michael Jackson's kids faces.

Raising Michael Jackson's kids cannot have been easy for Michael Jackson, because the media was always following him wherever he went.

Michael Jackson had a third child, born in 2002. The third child was named Prince Michael Jackson II, but was more commonly known by his nickname, Blanket. Michael Jackson refused to give up the identity of Blanket’s mother, but he did say that Blanket was born by artificial insemination using his own sperm and another woman’s egg cells. However, in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath, many tabloids have speculated whether or not Blanket is really one of Michael Jackson's kids.

Michael Jackson made a scandal when, in November 2002, he decided to show Blanket to his fans. At the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, he brought Blanket to the balcony of his hotel and dangled Blanket over the balcony on one arm precariously. Michael was heavily criticized for this, and later said that he regretted having done it, but that he just wanted to show his fans his son.