Michael Jackson and Neverland Ranch

Michael’s Graceland

Adding to the list of Michael Jackson’s bizarre behaviors and Michael Jackson’s scandals was his purchase, activity on, and loss of the Neverland ranch. Michael Jackson first bought the Neverland ranch in 1988 from the golf course entrepreneur William Bone in 1988. He named to property Neverland after an island from the Disney story Peter Pan, which was about a boy who never grew up. In Martin Bashir’s documentary about Michael Jackson, Michael spoke about his own fantasies of remaining a child forever and never wanting to grow up. As such, Michael outfitted Neverland with many things a child would want: a ferris wheel, a carousel, a kiddie roller coaster, bumper cars, numerous statues of children, and there was ever a zoo on the Neverland ranch. Michael took advantage of the fact that there were so many attractions for children on Neverland ranch and brought many groups of children to visit; he brought groups of kids and their families for the day. In what would become known as a Neverland Ranch scandal, Michael Jackson let children stay at Neverland overnight, something that was repeatedly mentioned during Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath of his death.

Due to Michael Jackson’s scandals and his financial troubles, Neverland Ranch's future came into jeopardy and resulted in the Neverland ranch sale.

In 2005, Michael Jackson moved out of Neverland Ranch, claiming that he no longer felt comfortable living there after 70 police officers had raided Neverland, looking for evidence of Michael’s child molestation. In addition, it seems that Michael was having financial issues that put Neverland Ranch's future in jeopardy. Michael was greatly in debt, owing loans to many people; he was spending more than he was taking in, and was also spending money on Michael Jackson’s changing appearance. In October of 2007, foreclosure proceedings began on Neverland Ranch, although representatives for Michael Jackson said that he was merely refinancing Neverland.

At the time of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath of his death, there were rumors that his family would bury him at Neverland, and that Neverland would turn into a pilgrimage site comparable to Graceland. However, Joe Jackson denied that, and Neverland Ranch's future remains unclear.