Michael Jackson Moves to Dubai

A Bizarre Search for Peace

In 2005, Michael Jackson was at a real low point; he had been acquitted of child molestation charges, but the public had a very low opinion of him. All of Michael Jackson’s scandals, form the child molestation charges to Michael Jackson’s changing appearance to the foreclosure on his Neverland Ranch, had really taken their toll on Michael. Some people speculate that it was during this period that Michael began taking the heavy duty painkiller medication that were implicated in Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath of his death. Around this time, Michael Jackson's Middle-East move occurred. Michael Jackson moves to Dubai, or really, to Bahrain, a small, 33-island archipelago in the Persian Gulf where Michael Jackson arrived in June of 2005. What was the connection between Michael Jackson and the Middle-East? It seems that the tie was from Jermaine, who was friends with the son of the ruler of Bahrain. Jermaine told Michael that he could recharge in Bahrain for a couple of years.

Indeed, Michael ended up staying in Bahrain for almost two years, forming a bond between Michael and the Middle-East.

The Sheikh in Bahrain loved that Michael Jackson's Middle-East move had gotten Bahrain so much publicity. Michael Jackson recevied very much attention; the Sheikh told the media that Jackson was like a brother. Jermaine had converted to Islam in 2001. Perhaps the Sheikh wanted to convert Michael, as well; in 2008, British papers reported that Michael had indeed converted to Islam, but it is unclear whether or not these reports were true. Newspapers in Bahrain even reported that Michael Jackson was going to build ‘the Neverland of mosques’ in Bahrain, which got the public extremely excited. How exactly this was possible for a man who had gone to Bahrain bankrupt seemed unclear and like yet another of Michael Jackson’s scandals.

Michael Jackson never built the mosque, and because of that, the relationship between Michael Jackson and the Middle-East was soured. Shortly after, Michael moved back to Los Angeles, where he was arguably not much better off after his time in the Middle East than he had been before he left.