Michael Jacksons Final Comeback This Is It

An Ill Fated Stab at Financial and Musical Redemption

Right before Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath, Michael Jackson attempted to stage one last comeback performance that would reestablish his reputation as the greatest performer as all time. He was probably sick of his reputation in the tabloids, which emphasized all of Michael Jackson’s scandals, from Michael Jackson’s changing appearance to Michael Jackson and his child molestation scandals to his financial problems. The This is It concert series was a comeback effort planned by Michael Jackson and his mangement team that would be Michael Jackson's comeback extravaganza. He was going to perform a series of 50 concerts at London’s 02 arena. They were going to begin in July of 2009 and they would end in November of 2010. The Michael Jackson comeback was first promoted with a press conference at the London 02 arena in which Michael announced the concert and detailed his plan for giving 50 concerts.

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson's comeback concert never happened because Michael Jackson died just a few weeks before the first concert was scheduled to have begun.

The Michael Jackson comeback shows would have been legendary if they had happenened. Michael had been in talks with fashion designer Christian Audigier, who was working on designing clothing for the shows. There were also reports that another famous designer was designing a costume that was made with more than 300,000 Swarovski crystals! Clearly, the costumes for This Is It would have been over the top, ensuring Michael Jackson's comeback. The concerts were going to include 18-22 different songs ant 22 sets. Also, reports said that the shows were going to have aerial dancing similar to Cirque du Soleil.

Michael Jackson and his management clearly wanted to pull out all the stops in his comeback effort. Unfortunately, the world never got to witness the This Is It comeback effort, because Michael’s death came tragically before the concert’s premiere. AEG Live in London has offered to give full refunds to all people who had purchased tickets to the This Is It concerts, but AEG also offered to send fans the tickets they bought instead of giving refunds, in the hope that some fans would want to keep their tickets as memorabilia.