Michael Jacksons Scandals

Always in the Headlines

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson had clear musical talent, Michael and his scandals were in the headlines from nearly the time he was ten until the time of Michael Jackson’s death and the aftermath. First, Michael’s changing appearance caused nearly constant scandal. Michael looked completely different at the time of his death than he did when he was a teenager in the Jackson 5. First, his hair was completely different. As a teen, Michael had a large Afro. But after losing his hair in a pyrotechnics accident while filming a Pepsi commercial, Michael began wearing a variety of wigs, from curly to straight, from parted to long to short. Michael's scandals also involved the color of his skin. As Michael departed from the Jackson 5 and embarked on his own, his skin color slowly got lighter. During the time of Michael Jackson’s solo career and Thriller, Michael Jackson and his scandals were constantly in the news as he appeared to be turning into a white man before the public’s very eyes. Not only was his hair straighter and his skin lighter, but his nose was thinner and his chin was smaller.

In addition to Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, Michael Jackson's scandals were to become increasingly serious in the 90s and 2000s.

Michael Jackson’s biggest scandal may have been his alleged child molestation charges in the 90s and beginning of the 21st century. He was first accused of sexual abuse by a 13-year old boy, Jordan Chandler, who said that Michael had inappropriately touched him at his Neverland Ranch. The tabloids incessantly covered Michael Jackson and his scandals, digging up interviews with other young boys with similar accusations of molestation. Ultimately, Michael settled out of court for a total of $22 million with Chandler’s family.  In 2003, more charges were brought against Michael as a result of Martin Bashir’s documentary, which showed Michael holding hands with a young boy and talking about sleeping arrangements with him.

Ultimately, Michael Jackson may be remembered as much for his music as for the controversy he stirred up. Michael and his scandals gave the public a nearly constant source of entertainment, shock, and surprise.