Michael Jacksons Solo Career and Thriller

A Career Takes Off

As a child, Michael Jackson was dominated by his father, Joe Jackson. Michael lived in fear of his father, who would abuse little Michael both physically and verbally. As a result, Michael was tied to the Jackson Five for most of his young adult and teenage years. However, as he got older, Michael and Joe realized that Michael could have great success on his own with a solo career, and Joe began to push Michael Jackson towards a solo career. Between 1972 and 1975, Michael Jackson released four solo albums with Motown, most notably Ben. However,Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall, produced with Quincy Jones, was his first big solo album, paving the way for his major solo album, Thriller. Michael Jackson's Thriller was perhaps his most important album ever; the Thriller album was the most commercially successful album of all time, in fact. In spite of Michael Jackson’s scandals, such as Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, Michael's Thriller album and Thriller video will remain in the hearts and minds of the public for a long time to come because they truly impacted the history of music in the United States and perhaps even the world.

Some of the biggest hits on Thriller were Beat It, Billie Jean, and of course, the song Thriller, which inspired the Thriller video, which was fourteen minutes long.

In a biography of Michael Jackson, his biography Randy Taborelli wrote that Michael Jackon's Thriller made him a mega-star. Thriller was a must-have household item that was even a household staple, said Randy. The New York Times declared Michael Jackson the most major figure in pop music. Michael Jackson was truly at the top of his game when Thriller was released.

In addition, the Thriller video changed the way the public looked at music videos. The Thriller video was more like an art form; it combined film and music videos. It had a plot line and character developments, and, above all else, extremely intricate, complex choreography that continues to be imitated to this day. In addition, after MTV played Thriller, it began to play many more videos by African-American artists.