Michael Jacksons Bad and History

An Underrated Album Followed By Cashing In

Michael Jackson’s scandals sometimes distracted the public from his music, but nonetheless, Michael kept releasing albums throughout the 80s and 90s, and his albums continued to be successful regardless, or perhaps, because of Michael Jackson’s scandals, such as Michael Jackson’s changing appearance. In 1987, Michael Jackson's Bad album was released. Michael's Bad album was his first album in five years, and it was highly anticipated by his fans. It was accompanied by Michael Jackson's Bad world tour, which lasted a year and set many world records. For example, the tour had 14 sell-out performances in Japan alone! Michael Jackson performed a total of 123 concerts to a total of more than four million people, breaking Guinness records for how many people attended his concerts around the world. Michael extended charity during much of his tour; he allowed underprivileged children to attend many shows, and he gave donations to hospitals, orphanages, and charities. Michael Jackson’s Dangerous and Motown 25 appearance may have been bigger hits in terms of numbers, but his Bad album also did very well, selling thirty million copies worldwide as of 2008.

Bad spawned seven top ten hits on the Billboard 100, including Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, and Dirty Diana.

Michael Jackson's History was released in 1995, and was a double album. The first album in the double-disc CD was called History Begins, and contained a 15-track greatest hits album. Michael's History was also greatly anticipated, since Michael Jackson had such a large following of highly devoted fans. The second disc on Michael Jackson's History, History Continues, consisted of 15 completely new songs.

Michael's History debuted at number one on the charts and it set many records in the music world. For example, it was the best selling multiple-disc album of all time. Michael's History sold twenty million copies worldwide. In addition, Michael Jackson's History received a Grammy nomination for best album. The biggest hit from the album was the song Scream, which was a duet with Michael’s sister, Janet Jackson. The music video for Scream was black and white, and was one of the most expensive music videos ever to be produced.