Michael Jacksons Dangerous and Motown 25

The King Returns

Michael Jackson is a musical icon; he will forever be remembered for his music, his music videos, and his dancing. Regardless of Michael Jackson’s scandals, which included Michael Jackson’s changing appearance, his child abuse allegations, and his paternity questions, there is no doubt that Michael made legendary music. Before Michael Jackson’s Invincible, the album that contained Michael’s last new songs before his death, came Michael's Dangerous album and Michael Jackson's Motown 25 Moonwalk. In March of 1983, Michael Jackson performed on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, as part of the Jackson Five and on his own. The show was live. Michael was wearing his signature leather glove, a major part of Michael Jackson’s fashion. Michael on Motown 25 became a major event in his life, because it was where he debuted the Motown 25 Moonwalk dance move. Michael learned the moonwalk from Soul Train dancer Jeffrey Daniel. Michael Jackson's Motown 25 Moonwalk was seen by 47 million viewers! To this day, the Motown 25 Moonwalk remains one of Michael’s most well-known dance move, and it is often imitated, though few people can pull it off as well as Michael.

Michael Jackson was an amazingly talented dancer who could move his body extraordinarily well.

Michael's Dangerous album was his eighth album, and it was released in Marth 1991. Michael had renewed his contract with Sony for 65 million dollars, which was exorbitantly high. Of course, later on, before Michael Jackson’s Invincible album, he would controversially break from Sony, and slander Tommy Mottola’s name in the press, but for the time being, everything was good. Dangerous sold about 32 million album worldwide. The song Black or White was the album’s biggest hit, and it was number one on Billboard 100 for three weeks. Black or White obviously brought up discussions of Michael Jackson’s scandals related to Michael Jackson’s changing appearance and his skin color.

The song Heal the World on Michael's Dangerous album was also a big hit. Michael founded the Heal the World Foundation in 1992, which brought underprivileged children to Michael Jackson’s ranch, and sent money to children whose lives had been affected by war and disease.