Michael Jacksons Invincible

If Only the Title Was True

Michael Jackson's Invincible was released in 2001 and was his first album in six years. Michael Jackson’s solo career and Thriller had proven very successful; of all of Michael Jackson’s brothers and sisters, Michael Jackson had had the most longevity and greatest success, yet Michael Jackson’s scandals had also made him quite infamous in the press for his bizarre behavior, potential child molestation accusations, and Michael Jackson’s changing appearance. Nonetheless, Michael kept releasing music that the public loved. Michael's Invincible turned out to be the last album of Michael’s with new music that was released before Michael’s death. Michael's Invincible album was important because it was surrounded by controversy related to Michael’s dispute related to his fight with his music label, Sony Music Entertainment. Michael Jackson's Invincible album was successful, but it would maybe have been more successful if Michael was still a part of Sony when Invincible was released. Michael Jackson decided to split with Sony because he felt they were not promoting Michael's Invincible album as much as they should have been.

Michael Jackson told Tommy Mottola, head of Sony Music, that he was leaving his contract early; their dispute escalated to the point where Michael Jackson told the media that Tommy Mottola was a racist.

Before Michael Jackson's Invincible album was released, a special 30th anniversary celebration at Madison Square Garden was held in September 2001 to mark Michael Jackson’s 30th year as a performing artist. The event was also meant to be used as a pre-publicity event for Michael's Invincible album. The show featured performances by Usher, Mya, Monica, Luther Vandross, Destiny’s Child, and Whitney Houston.

Michael's Invincible album did well in the charts. It debuted atop the charts in 13 countries, and sold roughly thirteen million copies around the world. Michael Jackson's Invincible album went double platinum in the United States. However, the album was extremely expensive to produce. It cost almost thirty million dollars to make. The three biggest songs on Michael's Invincible album were Butterflies, Cry, and You Rock My World. If Michael Jackson had not left Sony, perhaps the album would have sold many more copies.